Things for you to watch.


Things for you to watch.

The Difference Between Kin’s Domains and “Eco-Villages”

A very important video which clearly states the major differences between the familiar “Eco-Villages” of the Western world, and of the new Kin’s Domains coming from Russia. Watch this video to understand just what these important differences are.

Earth Stewardship – Anastasia USA, Kiss the Ground + NuMundo – Lightning in a Bottle 2019

President of Anastasia USA, Gabriel Miguel, Executive Director of Kiss the Ground, Lauren Tucker, Program Director at NuMundo, Bryan Tucker, and Wesley Wittkamper from NEXUS took the stage at the 2019 Lightning in a Bottle conscious music festival to share their thoughts on Earth Stewardship.

Vladimir Megre Speech, NYC 7/23/16

Here’s the footage of Vladimir speaking at our reader’s gathering in 2016. It cuts out in certain spots but it’s worth the watch! This is part 1/6. He describes the Kin’s Domain lifestyle in Russia and then goes into a Q&A with the audience in later parts.

Kin’s Domains 20 Years Later

Learn how Kin’s Domain Settlements have flourished in Russia in the 20+ years after the publishing of the first Ringing Cedars book. This video is a great look at the lifestyle on the settlements!

Svetlana’s Radical Life Change – Kin’s Domain Living

Svetlana shared her amazing story from a life of luxury to true happiness living in one of the 500+ settlements in Russia inspired by the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. See her moving poem at the end she wrote even before she changed her life, published in a glam magazine.

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