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Laurel Mountain Kins Domain

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Contact Information
First Name: Russell
Last Name: Knox
Phone: 5597698315
Is this listing for an individual Kin's Domain, or a Kin's Domain Settlement (with land for others)?:

I have land and plan to build my Kin's Domain

How many people (including yourself) are living on your land? (Put 0 if not applicable): 2,00
Are you looking for your soulmate?:


What country do you live in?: USA
State?: California

Three Rivers

Street address? :

contact for address : )

Three Rivers, CA, USA, California, USA

In the foothills of the sierra nevada mountains, is, laurel mountain, an infant ecovillage; 70 acres of pristine wilderness wanting and waiting to be tended. These are steep slopes with breathtaking views above the grid near three rivers, ca.

We live simply that others may simply live, having a focus on growing our own food and medicine by creating a self seeding food forest, as well as, exploring eco-friendly building techniques like earthbag dome homes (aka superadobe) and root cellar food storage.

For now, our numbers are small- myself and mike wright (original owner of the property who has been so kind as to open this space to others who share a similar vision in creating a space of love and paradise). We welcome anyone who cares to live close to the earth and live a simply that others may simply live. There is space here for many more families/individuals and we welcome any beloved who cares to be an active and beneficial member to this family we create together.

***Heads up **this is raw land with a 4x4 driveway a mile long to the entrance***(you are still welcome if you have no 4x4, i leave my car at the bottom of the driveway and walk up though it is a fairly steep mile). Most of the property has no road so many homesites will be accessible by foot only for now (I really enjoy this and it's so easy to carry earthbags to site and use earth onsite to build a home), unless we decide to build more road deeper in to the property, which we are open to. I'm happy to assist anyone build there home and we care to create a space where everyone helps each other out and shares meals etc...

The site I have selected to create my kins domain is a 1/4 mile hike in to the property where some of the most ancient white oak trees are alongside gigantic boulders which could easily be incorporated into a superadobe home and there are many more sites around this area if seclusion is what you care for. I feel we can create something truly beautiful at this site;

so, if this sounds interesting to you, email us a little about yourself and why you are caring to tend this land with us and create a space of love; then possibly we can do a skype call to get to know each other better and go from there; we will not be charging anyone for this land as we are simply stewards of the land ourselves and care to be around like-hearted beloved who share the same vision of pardise;

The basic design of the eco-village would be following what anastasia has laid out for us in the books; I can see us weaving baskets, making our own clothes, growing all our own food and harvesting all our water, harnessing solar/wind energy for any electrical needs etc... true sustainability and let's leave the earth the same way we found it kind thing... you know?

Also, this is a vegetarian eco-village. Clearly, nature has provided us with an abundant variety of delicious food from plants who freely give of themselves to us in symbiosis, while an animal always runs the other way... this An-I'm-All is a part of the body we all equal to humans in every way; so I encourage everyone who still eats meat to stop and start eating fruit and vegetable only cause in doing so we will be assisting create a better planet and less of a mess for our children to clean up.

Wherever one might be in life, every one is amazing, and every one's eyedentity is pristine as the sky; some, behavior might be less than excellent; though, no one is equivalent to a behavior; you know? because, behavior is changeable; so, how can any one be equivalent to what can change? I is eternal inside; and am is this body and will die; you see, we are timeless being; existing in timelessness with optional mindlessness; a mind emptied out; is, full of use; so, be in this timeless, mindless moment, once and for all time; know, you are... everything

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Get Your Kin's Domain Listed

The only actively updated database of Kin's Domains in the USA and Canada on the internet. Click the button, fill out the form, and let the world know where you are and how to contact you.

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