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Vatra EmiliAna / EmiliAna’s Kin’s Domain

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Full Name: Angela
Huedin, Huedin, Cluj, Romania
How many people (including yourself) are currently living on your land? (Put 0 if not applicable): 3
Kin's Domain Settlement Description:

My Kin Domain is situated between hills, mostly birch trees forest, wild mushrooms and forest fruits. We have electricity, and water on land. The weather is good, long and sunny autumns, moderate snowy winter, chilly springs and hot summers. There is land to by around us. The price for one hectare is between 6-7 thousands euro. We are now two families, but we are hoping so much for more.
This is our website:

Despre noi

Are you looking for your soulmate?: Yes
Phone: 40799993408
Facebook Profile:

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